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Audio Chat Social Network Can Still Archive Its Dream in Silicon Valley

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The explosively expanding social media app Clubhouse had become a phenomenon. From North America, to Europe, to Asia, to Saudi, and Africa. Over 26 audio-based social apps have been developed in the last 2 weeks globally, and various Chinese versions have also started their test.

While the discussion in China focuses on it’s functionality, it is clear that the founder behind is tracing a different dream then the social OGs like Facebook and Instagram - instead of generating traffic for brands and ad buyers, it aims to connect individuals, a dream to form meaningful connections with technological assistance.

A listed Chinese Company Agora - API (NASDAQ) had provided the fundamental technology for this Silicon Valley venture. The app toggled a suppressed need to socialize and hangout with other people, thanks to the Pandemic. Yet it also provided a chance to expand the individuals' horizon in an unseen fashion. Various topics and groups are formed on the platform, it is very easy to find your tribe, and the threshold for participation is very low, not to mention the diversity of the topics.

Here are some handles for our beloved readers who are curious and enthusiastic.

Highly recommend, simply hilarious

House of Prelon

  Not like many rooms that are dedicated to specific topics. Here is your place to chill, hangout, and get recharged. When the cult started, it was considered trolling. Because this group of people change their profile picture to Elon Musk holding a Doge coin, and they flash mob the other rooms - Imagine a 15 people room, all of a sudden, 12-15 Elon Musks appear on the audience sit, or speaker sit, without saying anything. It Was quite an unseen experience on Clubhouse back then.After the first week, the group is evolving now to prompt positivity and diversity on the platform, fight against the scams of millionaire courses, and fake news. As well as hosting a place for people to hang out - the room had operated in one role for over 7 days now, thanks for its member’s coverage of 13 different time zones. One of the rare records on Clubhouse now-a-day.

A couple clubs/rooms worth exploring:

1. Daoju (岛聚)If you are an Art lover, don't miss out @Daoju. A hong kong based Art media and conversation host. Normally he does not speak much after opening the room, but he always managed to invite interesting speakers.

According to Daoju himself, he always invites people to talk about topics that he doesn't know but are interested in. And always pull the audience up to stage so as to provide a channel for communication. I was not aware of how many cutting edge artists were in Hongkong nowadays promoting digital arts, games, and other forms of artistic developments.

The discussion gradually expanded to speakers based in New York, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Switzerland, France, etc.,. I’d see it also a good place to meet your fellow students if you happen to be in the field.

2.Small Steps & Giant Leap

One of the most interesting clubs I had come across, home for conversation about human explorations of outer space. They host 2-3 sessions every day. You’d be surprised how resourceful this club is when it comes to inviting speakers.

I was in a chat where people gathered to watch NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover landing live. There are current and Ex. NASA engineers, JPL specialists answering questions and explaining the task. An experience I'd never thought I could have remotely, without knowing anyone who is in such a network. And hey, I'm just a random person who popped in.

3. Intelligent Crazy PeopleIf you are interested in Education and forming a vision for the Future, this is a place to immerse. They are currently running a series to talk about how Education can be shaped in the new digital era, and how tech and play its role in such a movement.

Founded by Joshua Vantard, backed by YCombinator. The mission of the club is to foster interdisciplinary friendships. They host online events and offline dinners to strengthen connections.

4.Lingo Lounge

This is probably the biggest club I’d come across. Founded by an Indian lady, currently running over 60k+ communities, and over 40+ languages. Many people come to Clubhouse to immerse themselves in foreign language setups and find tandems. If you are a language lover, don't miss their talks.

Hint: Due to the nature of the mechanic, if all participants leave the room. The conversation will automatically end. So make sure you follow the speakers, and set the alarm - therefore whenever they speak, you get a notification. Or simply connect with them on other social media, they normally announce the event upfront.


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