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"Cosmeceuticals" are still sold on multiple e-commerce platforms after the "announcement" of

发稿时间:2019-05-06 来源: eurtoday

    The reporter noted that this is not the first time that the drug regulatory authorities have taken measures to regulate the concept of "cosmeceuticals". As early as in 2010, the state food and drug administration office has officially released "on strengthening the cosmetics logo and claim daily supervision work notice" (food drug safety do make [2010] no. 135), clearly identifies and declared that "medicine makeup", "medical skin care products" such as exaggerated propaganda, using medical terms violations as one of the focus of the daily supervision and inspection, cosmetics business units to strictly implement the system of inspection of goods, it is strictly prohibited to sell illegal identification and claims of cosmetics. For production and management on the label, small package or manual violations identified cosmetics and illegal claims "medicine makeup", "medical skin care products", according to "cosmetic health supervision regulations" and its implementing rules and other relevant provisions is investigated, the shelves of the shelves, the exposure of the exposure, thereby causing serious consequences shall revoke approval number (registration number), and to investigate the results to the public in a timely manner.

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