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Suits' Rick Hoffman's Facial Expression Was a Royal Wedding Highlight

发稿时间:2018-05-21 来源: eurtoday


Meghan Duchess of Sussex's Suits character Louis Litt, real name Rick Hoffman, lit up the internet with a hilarious photo of his face.

Thank goodness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s former Suits co-star Rick Hoffman was at her royal wedding to give the internet some excellent fodder.

A photo of the 47-year-old American actor captured him during the ceremony at a time when he was likely concentrating on the powerful messages. It was serious business and love-themed after all.

But the internet wants what it wants. And all they want him to be on the day of the royal wedding is his Suits character. On the royal bride’s former television show Suits, Hoffman played a mud bath-loving lawyer by the name of Louis Litt. The internet had a field day captioning the viral photo of him with hot takes.

The royal wedding was full of historic and heartwarming moments. But for many of us watching, it’s our avatars that we connect most with. Today, Rick Hoffman is that man.

Elsewhere of course, he was all smiles.

He’s starred in Samantha WhoThe Bernie Mac Show, and Jake in Progress, and most recently the royal wedding as a relatable guy.

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