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Princess Charlotte Is Giving Us Old School Prince Harry Vibes

发稿时间:2019-11-12 来源: eurtoday


Princess Charlotte played an integral role in Uncle Harry’s wedding to new Aunt Meghan Markle on Saturday, acting as one of the bride’s six adorable bridesmaids (all of whom were under 8 years old). Big brother Prince George made an appearance as well, serving as one of Meghan’s four black-clad page boys.

It doesn’t take a lot for 3-year-old Charlotte to take center stage—not only is she insanely adorable, but she’s a real-life princess (fourth in line for the throne). Add in a sweet white dress and rose-laden flower crown, and we cannot keep our eyes off the sassy young royal.

Of course, Ms. Charlotte upped the ante upon her arrival when she, through the window of the car she shared with fellow bridesmaids and mom Kate Middleton, stuck her tongue out to the outside crowd.

If the image gives you a bit of royal déjà vu, you’re not alone. Young Prince Harry was also a fan of the cheeky tongue-out pose.

Like uncle, like niece?

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